From the moment of its foundation, STUDIO VENETO cooperates with well-known Italian companies of the Veneto region and successfully develops in the field of architecture and design.

Among the partners of the company are famous Italian factories:

  • produces windows, French doors and sliding systems in wood, wood-aluminum and wood-bronze, which combine the functionality, beauty and impeccable architectural style;
  • manufacturer of unique windows, doors and constructions of individual designs in bronze;
  • creates eco systems for homes;
  • combines traditions of Renaissance art workshops with the latest technology;
  • offers products made of marble, granite and onyx. Years of experience, excellent reputation, advanced equipment and Italian traditions help company to create various compositions in natural stone, from classic to contemporary;
  • presents modern Italian windows, doors, and sliding systems of aluminum with a warm inner casing of fine timber;
  • creates architecture and designs in the best Italian tradition, from classic to modern, offer wooden wall panels, antique floors and fireplaces;
  • owner of a unique patented glazing systems, including trademark GLASStoGLASS.